A little about Me and My Journey

My name is Paris and I am the Owner of Living Naturally Essentially LLC. I am a Certified Health and nutrition Coach with a  focus on natural solutions.  I have been a coach with WW since 2000 and have helped 1000’s of people lose weight and keep it off.

My Personal Weight Loss Journey

 My personal weight loss journey began in 1991, like many I gained weight after my wedding and had tried everything.  WW was the answer for me at the time and I lost 55 lbs, then again like many I decided I was cured, left the program and gained all my weight back.  I returned in 2000 lost 65 lbs and never looked back.

Coaching Style

My coaching philosophy is “everyone is capable of a healthy lifestyle with work” .  Being a no nonsense coach and believe once you stop making excuses you will  get exactly what you want.  My Coaching is not WW based but nutrition with the focus on portions, less sugar and lower fat intake.  You get to chose how and what you want to eat.  I work with you on your mindset and work through any obstacles building on your strengths (we are not good at everything) and deal with any roadblocks.  When we realize our limiting beliefs and “ our reasons” are just excuses, we can be successful. 

I Had GOOD Reasons too

In my last 20 years of maintenance I have had plenty of reasons to gain it back but I chose not to. 

  • Lost my best friend to pneumonia 
  • quit smoking
  • did the menopause thing
  • became empty nesters 
  • and so much more 20 years is a long time 

Furthering my Education

In 2020 with COVID and things changing rapidly, being home I decided to further my coaching education . I spent the summer getting certified as Health and Nutrition, Life Purpose, Goal Success, Happiness, Master Life Coach.

Offering Virtual Personal Coaching and Virtual Group Coaching with class topics.  (Currently a work in progress coming 2021) Learn more here: https://livingnaturallyessentially.com/life-coaching-would-you-benefit-yes/

🌿🌿 Side Hustle: I am a passionate DoTERRA oil sharer.  I believe in using Natural solutions and finding a way to reduce our toxic load.  Using oils for both physical and emotional well being.  Supporting every system from cardiovascular to nervous to digestive to respiratory.  Replacing cleaning products, gardening products, to cosmetics.  I am here to help and will be educating on oils as well.

Join me on this journey.  We are going to have a blast.

Live a life you Love ❤


Changing lives one drop/pound at a time