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I went to the Pharmacy this week….

Modern medicine versus Natural Solutions (there seems to be a pill for everything) My dad had surgery this week and I went to the Pharmacy to pick up his pain killers.  I decided to just hang out there while they filled it. People watching is my favorite hobby.  What I witnessed made me very sad.  1st I want to talk about the line I watched it was at 3 pm […]

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The oil that started it all…..DoTERRA .Deep Blue

Deep Blue You must try this oil I was diagnosed with a condition in 2012 that hardened the cartilage in my chest wall resulting in me having chest pain constantly.  Sharp stabbing pain.  The result was many Dr and ER visits with little to no answers until my DR was able to finally figure out what it was and then the prescriptions began.  Pain relief gels, pills, and patches.  All […]

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Beat the Winter Blues With DoTERRA Essential Oils

Beating the Winter Blues with Essential Oils. SAD: Seasonal Affective Disorder: also known as winter blues, winter depression, or seasonal depression is a mood disorder subset in which people with normal mental health throughout most of the year experience depressive symptoms at the same time each year most commonly in January.  All the celebration is over, the tree is down, the Pretty lights are all out.  It’s so dark outside. […]

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Why Essential Oil? Why Doterra?

Why Essential Oils?  Why Doterra? When I started my journey to finding more natural solutions I was very diligent in my research.  While the samples I was given were DōTERRA I did not want to dive in without being educated.  Watching many you tube videos, talked to as many people as possible and joined every FB group and blog possible. For me it all came back to CPTG Certified Pure […]

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How Essential Oil Changed our Lives

Last night to ring in the New Year we brought out the Budget to see how well we had done in 2016.  We both were quite surprised at how much our lives have  changed.  Looking at  at several categories 1st because I was so curious Medical was #1 we had budgeted 3000.00 and we spent a mere 400.00 this included Eye care as well.  We literally did not spend anything […]

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