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Weight Watchers Freestyle: Zero does not mean FREE.

I have been a W W  coach for 20 years this December. Seeing 17 weight loss plan changes.  Five of them being MAJOR changes.  Complete makeovers.  Every single one of them have been better.  WW  has found the best plan ever in Freestyle.  giving us a whole new flexibility, freedom and forgiveness. Why zero does not mean “FREE”! When I 1st introduced Freestyle any people explained that telling them that […]

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Homemade salsas to liven up your meals.

Salsa a great side dish Most of you know I have been a motivational speaker in the weight loss industry for 18 years. I lost 55 lbs in 1999 and have kept it off  with no deprivation and boring diet foods.  Variety  in all meals is so important.   One of the things I personally struggle with on a daily basis is making proteins more exciting.  If I get bored I […]

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Goal setting what will work best for you? 📖🗓📆📝✅✅

Let’s talk goal setting.  Whether you are after weight loss, organizing your home or office, building your business, saving money or working on a new exercise plan.  This time frame is perfect for it.  There is very little going on at this time of year.  Not a lot of money going out the door, not a lot of celebrations to over eat at.  The weather is good for starting an […]

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