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Crock Pot cooking on the healthy side!

Why Crockpot? If you know me at all you know I am a crazy planner and prepper.  Which is really intimidating sometimes.  But as I wrote in this blog it is  not because I am organized it is because I am LAZY! While I use my crockpots all year round.  Fall and Winter even more.  Easy planning  ahead.  Cook for the whole week or even the month.  Using your […]

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WW Freestyle: Zero does not mean FREE.

I have been a W W  coach for 19 years this December. Seeing 17 weight loss plan changes.  Five of them being MAJOR changes.  Complete makeovers.  Every single one of them have been better.  WW  has found the best plan ever in Freestyle.  giving us a whole new flexibility, freedom and forgiveness. Why zero does not mean “FREE”! When I 1st introduced Freestyle many people explained that telling them that […]

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You don’t know…what you don’t know. Stop stressing for things you can’t control.

You don’t know what you don’t know. Have you ever been driving a long and a car comes flying by you and you think slow the hell down!  Did you ever wonder if they just got a phone call saying their spouse was rushed to the hospital? You don’t know what you don’t know!  Ever been in line at the grocery store with that ever inpatient person pacing, tapping  their […]

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