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Homemade salsas to liven up your meals.

Salsa a great side dish Most of you know I have been a motivational speaker in the weight loss industry for 18 years. I lost 55 lbs in 1999 and have kept it off  with no deprivation and boring diet foods.  Variety  in all meals is so important.   One of the things I personally struggle with on a daily basis is making proteins more exciting.  If I get bored I […]

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Being afraid is understandable but unacceptable 💔

Being Afraid is understandable but unacceptable At this moment I am sitting in a Starbucks people watching and trying to be inspired.  I have been trying to write this blog for over a week but am just spinning. Last Monday we were once again reminded that our safety is not always guaranteed.  We are in a world of uncertainty and confusion.  I have always been one to try to live […]

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Goal setting what will work best for you? 📖🗓📆📝✅✅

Let’s talk goal setting.  Whether you are after weight loss, organizing your home or office, building your business, saving money or working on a new exercise plan.  This time frame is perfect for it.  There is very little going on at this time of year.  Not a lot of money going out the door, not a lot of celebrations to over eat at.  The weather is good for starting an […]

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