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Leave your mark…..Live a Life you Love ❤️

#leaveyourmark I have a T-shirt that says Flawless every single time I put it on I laugh out loud.  I am so far from flawless, I am terribly flawed and fully aware and completely accepting of the truth.  A few years ago we lost a dear friend.  He was not a young man and had lived an amazing life.  When we were at his celebration of life I noticed that […]

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Motivation…..How do we keep it? 🤗

  Motivation is what gets us to accomplish things. Have you ever had one of those days where you do NOT want to do anything????  Of course you have….who hasn’t?  It is when those days turn into weeks that we need to figure out why we are not motivated!  In my job I want and need to keep people motivated every day.  With my business I have to stay motivated. […]

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How are you? Simple question?

          How are you? How you answer this question says a lot about you….. I ran into a former friend from years back and I said Hi how are you doing?  She looked at me and said ugh…..ya know……its not great.  I just stood there and thought that’s funny she hasn’t changed a bit.  Have you ever thought about it?  There is the typical answer we […]

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Can you dine out and lose weight? YES Lets learn how!

I    Being in the weight loss industry for over 17 years I have heard every excuse and reason why people can’t  lose weight.   Most people believe that their reasons are not excuses but realistically they are.  Here’s what I do know Losing weight is hard!  Always has been but we face more challenges now.  Today I am tackling the #1 reason/excuse people give me for not losing the […]

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