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What does it mean to be on a “DIET”?

“Diet” my least favorite 4 letter word. I am always a little offended when someone says it.  I take it personally!  Funny but true.  Everyone at this time of year is dieting.  “No thank you I can’t have that I’m on a diet”  is the most commonly uttered words in January. I remember growing up and my mom being on the grapefruit and cottage cheese diet.  Yes that’s all she […]

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Tools to make your life easier in the kitchen

We know having a kitchen full of the right foods will help is be successful in weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. But one of the things I find the most important is the tools in the kitchen to make the prep easier.  So today lets chat about some shortcuts. Some of the easiest things to do is to buy the prepackaged salads, already cut up veggies and fruits, frozen […]

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Stocking the Kitchen for Success

      *Making a Healthy Lifestyle change is easy if you are organized and have the right tools. I know when my fruit basket gets down to that last apple I feel a sense of panic. Having a well stocked kitchen is the most important part of a healthy lifestyle. We will eat what we have available and what we have prepped. Having a pantry full of chips and […]

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What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? Interesting question?  I have never really thought I would fail…..just embarrass myself and that doesn’t really scare me. When I lost 55 lbs back in 1991 it was super easy I ate what I was told and I followed the plan but then somehow when I stopped doing those things all that weight came right back,  I remember thinking well […]

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2017 Setting small acheiveable goals.

Setting small Achievable Goals. So here’s a thought…..why is it that we think the New year is when we should start all our good habits, resolutions, life changes? I am not a believer on Resolutions I never have been.  I think if you want to make changes you can start whenever you want (2 am have a brilliant idea start now !) Now lets set some small achievable goals. The difference […]

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