FIRST: I only recommend Doterra

It is important to me that you understand I am only talking about Doterra essential oils in this blog. My reason is it is the only one I am 100% sure are pure and safe to take internally. That being said it is also important that you are only using the oils that are safe for internal use and not all DOtera essential oils are. OK so how can we tell. On the side you will see a supplemental facts label if they are safe for internal use. No label no internal use.

Why Mouth sprays?

I was recently at a spa and they gave me a bottle and said it was essential oils and each one (they had several) had different benefits. I started my service that day with a very relaxing mouth spray. It had Lavender , Frankincense and something else. (I should have looked closer i was just so relaxed). They told me to spray under my tongue. Being a wellness advocate for Doterra I was so excited to get home and make my own. After my service was over they gave me a different one to wake me up and energize. I was all in at this point and decided I would be making my own and doing a lot of research. They are so effective so fast because they are affecting your olfactory and traveling directly to your brain.

What you need to make these sprays?

30 ml spray bottle (you can get these from Doterra under accessories)


5 to 10 drops of Doterra essential oil.

So Many Blends and uses.

Just add your drops and top with water

Focus and alert: great in the afternoon for a pick me up

5 drops of Wild orange

3 drops of Peppermint

BYE BYE sugar cravings

10 drops of cinnamon

Low Sex Drive

5 drops cinnamon

3 drops Ylang Ylang



5 drops On guard

3 drops of Melaleuca


5 drops Lemon

3 Drops On guard

1 drop Oregano


5 Drops Lavender

3 Drops Roman Chamomile


5 Drops Spearmint

3 drops Tangerine


3 drops Lemongrass

3 drops Peppermint

How to use?

Shake well

One or two Sprays under tongue or on the roof of mouth.

How fast do they work?

Fast Super fast!

Within seconds you will feel the change you are wishing for remember consistency is key.

Ready to get started?

Live a life you Love 💗


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