Why we love it?

We originally brought Lemongrass home it was to use as a misquito repellent. We put it in our fountains. Now we use it often. We actually use it everyday taking it internally for cholesterol and digestive support. A few drops in a a little deep blue rub on my feet each night. By the way it smells delightful.

Lemongrass Facts

Here are the many uses of doTERRA Lemongrass by checking out the product spotlight here: 


Lemongrass Physical Uses

Can be used Topically (with carrier oil), Aromatically and internally.

  1. Supports or maintains healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels that are already within normal range when applied topically and taken in a capsule
  2. Supports healthy thyroid function
  3. Helpful in supporting a healthy bladder and kidneys, especially in cases of unwanted pathogens, germs, environmental threats. . Apply topically and in a capsule
  4. Supports healthy circulation and digestive health
  5. Helpful for soothing connective tissue, joint, tendon, and ligament concerns
  6. Apply to the bottoms of feet to support lymphatic flow
  7. Adds flavor while cooking 
  8. Powerful insect repellent
  9. Powerful head tension relief when diluted and applied topically
  10. Cleanses and purifies the air when diffused or added to a room spray
  11. Mix with water and white vinegar for a inexpensive, non-toxic, and effective household cleaning solution.
  12. Add to your skin care for clear and healthy skin.

Lemongrass Emotional Uses

The Oil of Cleansing

Lemongrass is a powerful cleanser of energy. Dispelling feelings of despair, holding onto the past, hoarding, darkness, spiritual blindness and negative toxic energy.

Diffuse or inhale from the little, topically with a few drops of carrier oils and apply to the bottom of your feet. To encourage feelings of spiritual clarity, cleansing. Non attachment, simplicity, discerning. Releasing what is no longer needed.

Ready to get started?

35.00 enrollment kit with lemongrass: https://doterra.me/vqibjVl9
Retail lemongrass: https://doterra.me/ZHVA4zKz

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