Why We Love it???

Vetiver is one of the oils we use ever single day at the Heinen Home. It is such an amazing oil for calm and peace. I remember hearing when I started my business to never open a bottle in a class or everyone will zone out. No joke it is wonderful. While it is not on my list of favorite smells, its benefits far out weigh the smell. A must have. We use it internally, aromatically and topically.

Vetiver Facts

The roots of the vetiver plant are unique in their ability to grow downward, creating a thick tangle of roots in the ground. The root of the hearty vetiver plant is the origin of Vetiver essential oil, and produces a fragrance that is earthy and strong. This aroma has been used among many perfume industries and is a notable characteristic of Vetiver essential oil. Take a moment to watch this video from C0-impact sourcing. https://youtu.be/pFYFgNSxYxk

Vetiver Physical Uses

  • Add 1–2 drops to tea or hot drinks during winter time to promote immune-supporting properties*.
  • Use as a massage oil to calm emotions.
  • Take a warm bath with a few drops of Vetiver essential oil for deep relaxation.
  • We Diffuse with Lavender or Balance to calm emotions and sleep soundly.
  • Make a 10 ml roller ball with 15 drops Vetiver and 15 drop Petitgrain topped with FCO apply to feet and base of spine before bed.
  • Take a drop or 2 in a gel caps to calm emotions and promote deep sleep.

Vetiver Emotional uses

The oil of Centering and Descent

Vetiver Essential oil assists in becoming more rooted in life. It challenges the need to escape pain.

Feeling Appathetic, disconnected, scattered, stressed, ungrounded, avoiding or in crisis?

Inhale directly from bottle or diffuse. Apply topically 1 to 3 drops to base of spine or bottom of feet. To encourage these feelings: centered, hounded, present, emotionally aware and connected.

Ready to get started?

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Live a Life you Love ❤️


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