Why Elevation?

Elevation kind of explains when I use this oil the most. A beautiful blend of floral and citrus. I have heard so many amazing testimonies. Even hearing from someone who was in a severe depression who gives this oil the credit for pulling her out of a very dark hole. “She said she literally was able to see the sunshine again”. What a testimony. We all have days when we could use a little help. There are a lot of reasons I pull this oil out. Often waking up with no energy or inspiration and want to stay in bed all day but it just is not a option. I will put this oil out and put it in my morning diffuser or if I am desperate to do it NOW I will just open and inhale straight from the bottle. 5 to 10 deep breathes can change your mood and attitude in seconds. Natural solutions all you have to do is breathe.

What Doterra says:

Need a little pick-me-up after a busy day? dĹŤTERRA’s Elevation Joyful Blend is great for elevating your mood, promoting feelings of confidence, and increasing your energy. When you start to feel negative emotions arise, use Elevation topically or aromatically. This blend will help elevate mood and increase vitality. Elevation is great for rubbing over your wrists or putting a few drops into a bath for relaxation. It is especially perfect for diffusing in the mornings before your kids wake up to help them have a more positive and energized mood.

What’s in there?

Lavandin Flower, Tangerine Peel, Lavender Flower/Leaf, Amyris Bark, Clary Sage Flower/Leaf, Hawaiian Sandalwood Wood, Ylang Ylang Flower, Ho Wood Leaf, Osmanthus Flower, Lemon Myrtle Leaf, and Melissa Flower/Leaf essential oils.

Physical Uses:

  • Diffuse Elevation to promote feelings of self-worth while also helping to lessen restless feelings.
  • Diffuse Elevation in the mornings before waking kids to create a positive and energized mood.
  • Rub Elevation essential oil over your heart, temples, or wrists to elevate mood and promote vitality.
  • After a long, stressful day, take a bath with a few drops of Elevation to help lessen feelings of stress.

Emotional Uses

The oil of Joy

A oil formulated to overcome feelings of hopelessness or despair

If you are feeling discouraged, Heavyhearted, trapped with low energy.

This precious oil can give you these positive feelings: Joyful, bright, optimistic, elevated and cheerful.

How to use for emotional benefits:

Aromatically: diffuse 3 to 4 drops, inhale from the bottle, or a drop in your hands rub together and inhale several deep breaths

Topical Use: apply 1 to 3 drops over heart, on forehead or behind your ears.

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