I have been a coach in the weight loss industry since 2000. In early 2019, I began working towards certifications for life coaching, receiving my 1st Life Coaching certification. Summer 2020 in quarantine I spent 6 weeks getting certified in several areas, including Life purpose, Goal Success, Professional, Happiness and Health and Nutrition and finally Master Life Coaching. It was an intense 6 weeks. But I feel like I have increased my skills to help in many areas. My main focus is health and wellness working with individuals on lowering their stress, learning self care and discovering how to live a healthier life overall. Guiding you to a better work / life balance.

Life Coach or Counselor ?


*Gives Advice and Solutions

*Treats the Past

*Reinstates Functuality

Life Coach

*Guides with Key Questions

*Motivates you to find and follow your passion

*Steers you towards the future

*Uses questions to guide you to discover your life path and calling.

Benefits of having a life coach

*Unlock what’s holding you back (Limiting Beliefs)

*Have someone listen with no judgement

*Discover tools to recognize your potential

*Create an action plan

*Identify a clear path for your future

Offering Individual and Group Coaching

Option 1 : Individual Coaching: In these sessions we will work on setting goals in 3 areas, Nutrition (Portions, less fat and added sugar), Activity (meeting you where you are), and mindset (helping you learn self love and what might be holding you back)

If you are interested in moving forward contact me and I will send you a questionnaire to learn more about your health goals. After you fill that out I will have you send it to me and we will set up a zoom consultation.

I hope we will have the chance to work together.

This consultation will be 30 to 45 minutes and we will go over these answers and decide if this is a good fit for us both. The charge for our first session is $25.00. If we decide to move forward then we will decide if we should meet once a week or every 2 weeks for 30 or 60 minute sessions. The charge for each of these :

30 minute sessions is $35.00.

60 minute sessions are $70.00.

Coming in 2021

Option 2: Group Coaching: In these 30 to 45 minute session there can be anywhere from 2 to 25 people. These Coaching sessions are topic driven with the emphasis on sharing and learning with others. With set topics like: (to name a few)

  • Setting meaningful goals ( dive into learning how to discover you why.)
  • Meal Planning and Prep
  • Grocery Shopping for Success
  • Creating a Kitchen for Success
  • How to ask others for help
  • Self Care: how to make the time.
  • How to see your success without the scale?
  • Identifying and Overcoming Barriers to Success

These Classes will be $20.00 and will be scheduled Monthly. Adding to the calendar Monthly.

Life Coaching Questionnaire

What is it that you want to gain from our sessions?

List your limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

What is your inner voice telling you?

Are you willing to set weekly goals and follow through? If you run into obstacles are you willing to own them?(not come to me with reasons and excuses but with solutions?)

Are you familiar with S.M.A.R.T goals? Everything we do together will be based on This concept. There will be thorough planning and follow through.

A life coaches roll is not solving problems but guiding you to solving them yourself. Do you understand I won’t be giving you the answers? How do you feel about having to find your own answers?

Paris Heinen
Master Life Coach specializing in Health and wellness.
Living Naturally Essentially LLC

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