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Services Available: 


The AromaTouch Technique® is the application of essential oil to the back and feet. This technique combines the unique benefits of human touch with the power of essential oils to create an overall wellness experience. The essential oils used in the AromaTouch Technique were chosen for their individual and combined aromatic properties.

“The AromaTouch Technique was developed to maximize the benefits of essential oils. Its powerful benefits can be effectively delivered equally well by both the novice essential oil enthusiast and the professional health practitioner.” – Dr. David K. Hill

  30 minute AROMATOUCH Session for just $45.00 plus a free gift (add an Itovi reading for $10.00) 


Detox Foot Bath with Itovi reading:

 This foot bath will be specific to the reading from the itovi.  We will start with epsom salts, apple cider vinegar and use oils that your body is in specific need of to detox your system, then apply a thick cream to legs and feet with oils your body needs to pamper you.  All based on your body’s needs. Finishing with a warm cozy pair of socks to help it all soak in.

45 to 60 minutes $40.00 

Detox Foot Bath with Reflexology 

15 minutes soak with 30 minutes Reflexology 

Reflexology has many health benefits


Improvement of  Nerve Functions.

Improvement In  Brain Power.

Increased Blood Circulation In Body.

Eliminating Body’s Toxins.

Boosting Metabolism & Energy Level.

Reducing Headaches.

Relieving discomfort from Menstruation & Pregnancy

Reduce pain and Swelling in feet.

 We will start with epsom salts, apple cider vinegar and purify oil (for heavy metal detox), followed by a 30 minutes reflexology session.  Then we will apply a thick cream to legs and feet and a cozy pair of socks to let it all soak in.  

45 minutes $45.00 



  Symphony of the Cells!

Symphony of the Cells™ is a collection of massage protocols using Doterra essential oils. formulated by Boyd Truman to create harmony physically, emotionally and spiritually within the body. Each protocol is specific to a system of the body allowing you to target ailments.

There are 19 different Protocols including: Cardio, Inflammatory, Hormone Balancing, Emotions, Respiratory, Purpose (Focus) 💧💧💧and so many more.  When you Schedule this service we will decide together what protocol would be best for you.  We used the Neurological protocol on my husband after a closed head injury and we had him back in just a few weeks.

30 to 45 minutes $45.00


iTOVi pairs over 100 years of scientific research and technology with modern day algorithms to find which essential oils and supplements you match with best.  Come and get a reading and learn what oils your body needs.  How to use them and why your body needs them.  

Essential Oil Consultation with Itovi Reading:

Are you interested in learning more about DoTERRA Essential oils and how they can help you and your family live a ,more natural healthy lifestyle.  Essential oils can help in every area of your life from cleaning to health and wellness. I will introduce you to the different ways to use  oils and how to use them. No obligations to buy anything, just learn and decide if it is something you would like to try.

The investment for this is 30 to 45 minutes $30.00

If you decide to buy a DoTERRA membership this fee will be reimbursed.


Text me today to get on the calendar. 720-231-8763 with your best days and times


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and some Sunday Appointments Available 

Paris 💜

Owner Living Naturally Essentially LLC 

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Licensed Reflexologist

Certified AromaTouch Professional 

Certified Mediation Guide 

SOC Specialist.