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I wanted to love my weighted Blanket.

My most wanted Christmas present I was so excited when my weighted blanket was under the tree. I had heard so many great things about them. Now I had my own. My family thought I was a little nutty for wanting one. “It’s so heavy” “what if you get stuck under it?” “Isn’t it going too be too hot” I said no it’s going to o be amazing. I had […]

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Doterra Rosemary Essential Oil Emotional and Physical uses.

Doterra Rosemary Essential Oil

Why Rosemary? We love Rosemary at the Heinen’s. Need to focus and concentrate? Add it to the diffuser with a drop of Lemon and you will not only focus better but also retain the information. I add it to our marinades for chicken or steak. Remember only one drop is needed in this application. This is also a key ingredient in my hair tonic. What Doterra Says…… Description Rosemary is […]

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Doterra Kids Touch Collection: Why every adult needs these oils.

Why the Kids Collection? When Doterra first introduced the Kids collection I was of course excited to see a system kids could basically call their own. We could be confident that they could use them and empower themselves to take control of their needs. They are in the touch system and we as parents and grandparents knew that they would be safe to use. Little did I know I would […]

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