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Chocolate Martinis ringing in 2017

Chocolate Martinis ringing in the New Year When I decided to start a blog I thought healthy eating lifestyle, natural solutions, realistic expectations and loving life. 3 days a week I will talk about Essential oils and natural solutions. 3 days Healthy lifestyle and weight loss. 1 day Loving life. Today it is Loving life day.  My husband and I have a bar in our house The Par Bar.  We […]

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2017 Setting small acheiveable goals.

  Setting small Achievable Goals.   So here’s a thought…..why is it that we think the New year is when we should start all our good habits, resolutions, life changes? I am not a believer on Resolutions I never have been.  I think if you want to make changes you can start whenever you want (2 am have a brilliant idea start now !) Now lets set some small achievable goals. […]

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Lets start with One Word.

One Word that will change your life. So a few years ago a friend recommended I read a book called One word that will change your life.  It is literally a game changer for me.  A 45 minute read and I have had 100’s of friends read it.  Perfect for the entire family. You chose what parts work for you and then you chose a word to live by for the year. […]

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