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Doterra Introduces Pink Pepper and Turmeric.

I love this time of year when Doterra releases the new line of oils.  Each year they come out with the newest and most beautiful oils.  There were several this year and right now we are going to focus on 2 that you will need to add to your collection.  Lets learn about Turmeric and Pink Pepper.    Pink Pepper Essential Oil Pink Pepper is  Known for its ability to […]

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Why should you become my Doterra customer? 🌿🌿🌿

Why did I become a Doterra Customer? I became a Doterra customer after months of research.  Choosing them for many reasons but mostly because of their purity and integrity.  I was 100% confident I was making the best choice.  I didn’t take becoming a customer lightly.  These oils are pricey and if I was going to spend big bucks I wanted to learn and use them.  In my research I […]

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I can get Essential Oils anywhere Paris WHY DŌTERRA???

Everyday this is a question I am asked.  I completely understand,  I did 6 months of research before I chose DōTERRA .  I was very sceptical.   Yes you can buy all theses oils in Whole Foods, sprouts, even Ross but they are not at all pure.  But then I started researching and realized all ESSENTIAL OILS are not created equal.  This is REALLY important!  There is no regulation on Essential Oils.  NONE. That […]

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Why Essential Oil? Why Doterra?

Why Essential Oils?  Why Doterra? When I started my journey to finding more natural solutions I was very diligent in my research.  While the samples I was given were DōTERRA I did not want to dive in without being educated.  Watching many you tube videos, talked to as many people as possible and joined every FB group and blog possible. For me it all came back to CPTG Certified Pure […]

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