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Crock Pot cooking on the healthy side!

Why Crockpot? If you know me at all you know I am a crazy planner and prepper.  Which is really intimidating sometimes.  But as I wrote in this blog it is  not because I am organized it is because I am LAZY! While I use my crockpots all year round.  Fall and Winter even more.  Easy planning  ahead.  Cook for the whole week or even the month.  Using your […]

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Soup: Its what’s for dinner. A great alternative for your family.

  Soup it’s what’s for dinner! I read an article a few weeks ago that said people who have soup before dinner instead of the standard salad eat 30% less at dinner and are more satisfied than salad eaters.  I thought that was interesting,  in talking to people for years a salad seems to give us permission to indulge in whatever we choose , as if that salad started the […]

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