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Doterra Essential oils Mouth Sprays

FIRST: I only recommend Doterra It is important to me that you understand I am only talking about Doterra essential oils in this blog. My reason is it is the only one I am 100% sure are pure and safe to take internally. That being said it is also important that you are only using the oils that are safe for internal use and not all DOtera essential oils are. […]

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Doterra Kids Touch Collection: Why every adult needs these oils.

Why the Kids Collection? When Doterra first introduced the Kids collection I was of course excited to see a system kids could basically call their own. We could be confident that they could use them and empower themselves to take control of their needs. They are in the touch system and we as parents and grandparents knew that they would be safe to use. Little did I know I would […]

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Doterra Lime Essential Oil Emotional and physical uses

Why Lime? So bright so Fresh. I love to add lime to my water for a flavor changer. It also goes beautifully in homemade margaritas and salsa and guacamole. REMEMBER only one drop when using in cooking with oils. I love it in the diffuser with a lemon or spearmint to wake me up and help with focus and concentration. Doterra suggests Supports healthy immune function* Positively affects mood with […]

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Doterra Copaiba Essential oil And Copaiba Soft Gels

Copaiba Essential oil When I was first introduced to DōTERRA’s Copaiba Essential oil I was so excited to have a new alternative to support overall whole body wellness. My 1st experience I arrived at convention with my shoulder all wrapped up in black K tape so when we learned about it I could not wait to get mine and get it on that shoulder. First thing I removed the tape […]

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