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Doterra Magnolia Touch

I am going to be doing a set of mini blogs focusing on individual oils and their best uses. I hope these will help you find new oils to add to your collection. Or if you have some of them I hope this will help you use them more. Starting off with a beautiful oil. #1 Magnolia Touch Do you ever experience anxious feelings? dōTERRA’s Magnolia Touch oil has a […]

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Doterra Introduces Pink Pepper and Turmeric.

I love this time of year when Doterra releases the new line of oils.  Each year they come out with the newest and most beautiful oils.  There were several this year and right now we are going to focus on 2 that you will need to add to your collection.  Lets learn about Turmeric and Pink Pepper.    Pink Pepper Essential Oil Pink Pepper is  Known for its ability to […]

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Why should you become my Doterra customer? 🌿🌿🌿

Why did I become a Doterra Customer? I became a Doterra customer after months of research.  Choosing them for many reasons but mostly because of their purity and integrity.  I was 100% confident I was making the best choice.  I didn’t take becoming a customer lightly.  These oils are pricey and if I was going to spend big bucks I wanted to learn and use them.  In my research I […]

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Part one DoTERRA Essential oils: Using them Aromatically

Part One of a Three Part series Educating yourself before using Essential oils is so important.  Using them properly will not only save you money but also you will get the right benefits from them.  It is important that you use the very best quality oils when using them in all 3 ways.  Aromatically, Topically and internally.  You need to know you are getting 100% pure oils. To read more […]

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DoTERRA Essential Oils of Love Rose, Jasmine and Neroli

Essential Oils  of Love ❤ Rose, Jasmine and Neroli It is the time of year that we are all thinking of love and connection. I am so excited to be sharing these three oils and their uses with you Rose, Jasmine and Neroli.  All 3 of these oils are known for their  emotional benefits, enhancing libido and  healthy skin.  So with February being Heart ♥️ month was the perfect time for […]

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DoTERRA Melaleuca Oil, Better know as Tea Tree oil and its hundreds of uses.

Melaleuca Oil is an amazing oil for cleansing and purifying.   We use it in our home in all areas.  From cleaning to skin care to helping heal cuts and scraps. You can make a counter cleaner with vinegar, distilled water, melaleuca oil and lemon. Add 1 to 2 drops to your facial cleanser for clear skin.  A couple drops in your shampoo for a purifying and outstanding cleansing benefit. […]

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