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Doterra Rosemary Essential Oil Emotional and Physical uses.

Doterra Rosemary Essential Oil

Why Rosemary? We love Rosemary at the Heinen’s. Need to focus and concentrate? Add it to the diffuser with a drop of Lemon and you will not only focus better but also retain the information. I add it to our marinades for chicken or steak. Remember only one drop is needed in this application. This is also a key ingredient in my hair tonic. What Doterra Says…… Description Rosemary is […]

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Doterra Lime Essential Oil Emotional and physical uses

Why Lime? So bright so Fresh. I love to add lime to my water for a flavor changer. It also goes beautifully in homemade margaritas and salsa and guacamole. REMEMBER only one drop when using in cooking with oils. I love it in the diffuser with a lemon or spearmint to wake me up and help with focus and concentration. Doterra suggests Supports healthy immune function* Positively affects mood with […]

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Part one DoTERRA Essential oils: Using them Aromatically

Part One of a Three Part series Educating yourself before using Essential oils is so important.  Using them properly will not only save you money but also you will get the right benefits from them.  It is important that you use the very best quality oils when using them in all 3 ways.  Aromatically, Topically and internally.  You need to know you are getting 100% pure oils. To read more […]

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Focus and Concentration……remember you used to have those. Retain more with DoTERRA

  Focus and Concentration with essential oil I am literally laughing as I write this post today, because it has taken me the last hour to get on here and get it done.  So unfocused and scattered today I think this post is meant for me!  Do you feel this way some days too?  I am all over the place.  Looking down at my desk and said well no wonder! […]

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