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Doterra Rosemary Essential Oil Emotional and Physical uses.

Doterra Rosemary Essential Oil

Why Rosemary? We love Rosemary at the Heinen’s. Need to focus and concentrate? Add it to the diffuser with a drop of Lemon and you will not only focus better but also retain the information. I add it to our marinades for chicken or steak. Remember only one drop is needed in this application. This is also a key ingredient in my hair tonic. What Doterra Says…… Description Rosemary is […]

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2017 Setting small acheiveable goals.

Setting small Achievable Goals. So here’s a thought…..why is it that we think the New year is when we should start all our good habits, resolutions, life changes? I am not a believer on Resolutions I never have been.  I think if you want to make changes you can start whenever you want (2 am have a brilliant idea start now !) Now lets set some small achievable goals. The difference […]

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