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Do you want to lose weight or don’t you?

All the Excuses I have been a coach in the weight loss industry for 19 + years. Trust me when I say I had heard every single excuse in the book. All with the idea that they are not excuses but good reasons. Sorry to disappoint but I can really count on one hand “TRUE “ acceptable reasons. When you want to lose weight and get healthy nothing will stand […]

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What are you waiting for?

Procrastination is a dream killer. Procrastination is just an excuse for not knowing what you want the most. If you want it bad enough you won’t let anything stand in your way. If you do not have a clear defined path you will struggle to accomplish whatever your goal or dream are. First the What? Financial? Weight? Health? Relationship? Career? Second It has to be VERY Specific and Clear Financial […]

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Can you dine out and lose weight? YES Lets learn how!

I    Being in the weight loss industry for over 17 years I have heard every excuse and reason why people can’t  lose weight.   Most people believe that their reasons are not excuses but realistically they are.  Here’s what I do know Losing weight is hard!  Always has been but we face more challenges now.  Today I am tackling the #1 reason/excuse people give me for not losing the […]

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