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Did you know these DoTERRA top 10 essential oils have 1000’s of uses?

Our entire medicine cabinet is now filled with oils that take care tummy trouble, head tension , aches and overheating reducers  (Remember the FDA will not let me use medical terms). Cleaning supplies all of them. Air Freshener, Body Lotion, Body wash, Bubble bath, Bug repellent, Candles (Yankee Candle should be bankrupt I have not been there in 18 months), face wash and scrub, fruit and veggie wash, lip balm, […]

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Focus and Concentration……remember you used to have those. Retain more with DoTERRA

  Focus and Concentration with essential oil I am literally laughing as I write this post today, because it has taken me the last hour to get on here and get it done.  So unfocused and scattered today I think this post is meant for me!  Do you feel this way some days too?  I am all over the place.  Looking down at my desk and said well no wonder! […]

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