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Setting Goals The S.M.A.R.T. Way.

Setting Goals with Intention As a life coach I hear it all the time people know what they want, have goals, dreams and desires but that is as far as they go. My job is not to give you the answers but to teach you how to discover the answer. Knowing what you want is definitely important but you have to have a plan. Today we are going to break […]

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Are you setting your goals the right way? The right way to set a goal 💚

Are you setting the goals the right way? We are constantly being bombarded with goal setting challenges.  But we just say I want to do this and set a date for when it need to be done.  January is the month we set yearly goals and put them off until the end of the year.  Sometimes our goals depend on an event that is coming up: reunion, vacation, doctors appointment. […]

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Do you want it Enough?

Do you want it enough?  The reason that most of our goals don’t get achieved? We don’t want them enough? But what exactly does that mean?  It means that our priorities are off. We put everyone and everything else first.  We want, yes but if anything else comes up we let it take over.  So what do we do to want it ENOUGH?  We have to have a clear plan. […]

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