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Part Two: DoTERRA Essential Oils; Using them Topically

Part Two of a Three Part series Educating yourself before using Essential oils is so important.  Using them properly will not only save you money but also you will get the right benefits from them.  It is important that you use the very best quality oils when using them in all 3 ways.  Aromatically, Topically and internally.  You need to know you are getting 100% pure oils. To read more […]

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DoTERRA Essential Oils: How do they work?

Why Essential Oils?   My immediate response is because they work so fast without any side effects.  I have hundreds of  testimonies about the oils I have shared for the last year.   How a  head ache that they had suffered with for an hour was gone in 30 seconds with a roll of peppermint. My friend was taking Ambien every night for 5 years and now only diffuses through the […]

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