I have been a W W  coach for 19 years this December.

Seeing 17 weight loss plan changes.  Five of them being MAJOR changes.  Complete makeovers.  Every single one of them have been better.  WW  has found the best plan ever in MYWW.  Giving us a whole new flexibility, freedom and forgiveness.

Why zero does not mean “FREE”!

When I 1st introduced many people explained that telling them that a list of foods was zero meant “all you can eat to them”.  I have had to explain daily to people that saying Free instead of Zero connects differently in your brain.  Free to us means we can eat it anytime, anywhere and as much as we want.  None of these things are true.  The foods on the zero point food are just that they are ZERO.  But they are also the foods that most of us do not normally choose to overindulge in.  So looking at them the way they are meant to be something to build your meals around. Lean on them to make meals more filling and enjoyable.

Struggle with portion control?

I completely understand that most of us with weight issues don’t have great portion control and now we are telling you, you don’t have to weigh, measure or even track those ZERO point foods.   Here are my suggestions to learn portion control.

*Start with less

If we don’t put it on the plate we are less likely to FINISH it.

*Eat slowly

Put your fork down, take a drink of water, count to 10 between bites.

*Be Present

Put away your phone, TV, crossword puzzle and paper.

*Have good variety of zero point foods WITH foods with smart points.

This one is so much more important than most people realize.  If all that is on your plate zero point foods you will feel like you are on a diet and that will cause you to overeat because you won’t find any satisfaction.  So enjoy your meals.  Example:  I love omelette and can do one for all ZERO but find adding feta or avocado make it much more satisfying and lasts longer.

ZERO is not FREE!

The only thing on WW that is free is WATER have as much as you like 🥤

I hope this has been helpful!  I am always here for questions.

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Live a Life you Love ❤️


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