What the 1st week at the Gym taught me

I have never been a “GYM” person and wasn’t so sure about joining.  I actually toured it 4 times and didn’t join any of those times,  it just didn’t feel right. But then all of he sudden a few months later it just kept popping up on my FB feed, billboards, I kept driving by.  It seemed it was calling to me.  They had a great joining offer and I had about 10 days to decide.  Then my last sign was they were building one that was right on my way home from work.  I felt like it was time. Again I have never been a GYM person so I wasn’t even sure what I was going to do.   But I knew what I wanted.

My 1st day was a “free” session with a trainer.

I was so intimidated with the thoughts of what I didn’t “THINK” I could do. I walk between 4 and 5 miles a day 3 to 4 days a week. So I was torn I felt like I could do whole things but have always felt like I don’t have any core or upper body strength.  My Trainer was lovely no pressure to do things that I was not comfortable with.  But she challenged me to do things I have never done, like jumping on a block that was 6 inches off the ground from flat foot.  Harder than I ever thought.  BUT I did it.  Then I got to throw a medicine ball at a wall.  Who knew?  That was so much fun.  It was a great day.  Until I got home that night and had to do the stairs.  Omgoodness apparently walking does not use your thigh muscles.  So I felt like I learned that 1st day was slow and steady will be required.


Have a goal and a plan

So 1st things 1st I knew what I wanted to achieve I wanted to be STRONGER and I wanted to see more endurance. Taking your measurements before starting is a great idea.  I did.   I went home and I got out my calendar and I planned the month.  3 days a week I would be at the gym Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday I was specific in my time and then I planned what I would be doing.  My 1st week was Tuesday was floor and treadmill, Wednesday was treadmill and ball and Friday was the pool.  This week I am trying Yoga and soon my friend is going to show me the weights.  Since it is on my calendar and its  an auto debit I will for sure be there every week.

How and what to pack for the GYM

OK so I am all about being efficient and what I learned the 1st week is I was not very efficient.  HA!  By the end of the week I now have 3 different bags. Here’s how that happened.  I am doing different things and don’t need to lug all of it in and out of the gym.

Bag One: treadmill and floor

Gym clothes, socks and tennis shoes

 Bag 2: Swimming

Suit, Towel, hair towel, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, lotion

Bag 3: Yoga

Yoga mat, towel and socks

The little carry all bag

Easy enough: then there’s the bag that goes in each one.  It has Deep Blue rub and roller, On guard roller and sanitizing spray, correct X, and Melaleuca roller.  Why?  Deep blue for any muscle discomfort, On Guard to stay healthy and keep immunity up at the gym, CorrectX and Melaleuca for any bumps or bruises.

Must 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻Must Have!!!



How to heal and take care of yourself after a day at the gym.

Deep Blue Rub and rollers


Epsom salts, Baking Soda

Oils: Aroma Touch, Lemongrass, Marjoram, Cypress and Siberian fir.

Deep Blue Polyphenol



I love epsom salt baths 2 cups Epsom salts 1 cup baking soda and a few drops of your choice of oils above.  (1 to 2 mixed) choose what you love and a teaspoon of carrier oil.



I hope you enjoyed my 1st week experience and it will help you start your journey into the gym.


To get started with oils,  I would love to be your support system.

Here’ s where you can start! Feel free to email me at Livingnaturallyessentially@gmail.com


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Live a Life you Love ❤️



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